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The lead douche or douche director of a larger group of douches
John: I was at the pool hall when Jeff and his friends showed up and took over the place.
Doug: Yeah jeff is a real Douchenozzel!
by Antidouche August 26, 2009
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the business end of a douche the part that does the real nasty work, smells and stained

when douche bag just wont work!
Man, Wade crittenden and Nathan wright are such douche nozzels
by your sister 69 me January 09, 2010
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a douche nozzel is a person that is a panzy ass mofo that runs from everything hense the nozzel part
dude your a douche nozzel, face your reality
by jesterkrew666 February 19, 2009
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1. The tip of an instrument used to clean out the womans vagina when it stinks or needs cleaning.
2. A person that smells bad and is an all around useless bum.
1. Dude, quit beings douche nozzel.

2. Computer Bryan is such a douche nozzel.
by michael bustamante November 09, 2007
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