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douchebowl /duʃ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciationdoosh-bohl–noun
1. To describe someone that is such a douche, a bag simply could not contain them.
–verb (used with object)
2. To act like a douchebowl.

Origin: 1675–85; < F < It doccia water pipe, back formation from doccione drainpipe (where -one was taken as aug. suffix) < L ducti&#333;n- (s. of ducti&#333;) drawing off, conveying (water), equiv. to duct(us), ptp. of d&#363;cere (see ductile) + -i&#333;n- -ion
"If you're from New Mexico, you must be a DOUCHEBOWL." or;
"Only a DOUCHEBOWL would buy a porsche and chase after dozens of women with multiple children."
by K. Scott January 22, 2008
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