1. A drinking establishment largely populated by male and female suit-wearing lawyers and bankers after work (douche bags).

2. The local fond nickname given to South of Temperance, an outdoor patio bar flanked by corporate skyscrapers in downtown Toronto, Canada.
It's super nice out today. Should we head over to the Douche Bar after work?
by T.O. Dranks August 2, 2011
Term recently made famous by the Blobots describes the group of males that flood the bars in Roseville (near Sacramento, CA) that never get laid and act like a guid. They usually have cocaine that's pure and glasses Dior. Constantly getting DUI's on their way to 80 saving the non-fags from Folsom the safe intoxicated drive home.
I'm a big douche at the Rosville bars. (roseville bar douche)
by brody jenner July 15, 2008
That guy you see in a bar with one of those stupid thin beard things, He always wears his sunglasses at night or when he wants to look cool, and he always has stupid average cheesy pick up lines like "Hey baby, wanna do it in the bathroom?"
I walked in the bar and it was filled with random bar douches, they all were drinking Coors Light and not shaving.

Look at that random bar douche, he looks so random and douchy.
by Neuroflesh January 20, 2011