Me: *vents about my ex Austin to a friend*
My friend: "Fuck him, he's a douche canoe"
by JessDancer26 October 29, 2018
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Douche canoe describes the personality of draco malfoy from the harry potter series. Douche canoe is basically an obnoxious and weird person.
by SonaIsGold June 06, 2021
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Insult to any gender that implies top tier douche bag status.
"If I put a spoiler on my Daewoo you think the chick's would dig it?"..........."No Brad, you already look like a DOUCHE CANOE as it is by owning a daewoo alone."
by Ahhstin666 March 21, 2021
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A person that on regular basis acts in a non polite away, typically a man, trying to repeatedly (just like you are paddling a canoe down the river) hurt you, usually doing or saying things out of spite, or spreading rumors that are not even accurate.
Hameed is such a douche canoe. Every week something new!
by JasonC123 August 14, 2021
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Synonym of "douchebag" coined by politically correct tumblrites who found using "douchebag" as an insult misogynistic, but failed to realize that it's the "douche" that connects the term with women, not "bag."
"He's totally a douchebag but I feel like using douchebag as a term to label people as jerks is insulting to women so can we call him, I dunno, a douche canoe instead? Thanks."
by G-Dale November 25, 2017
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An individual capable of such douchebaggary, that their capacity well exceeds the confines off just a bag.
That Billy Hotdog is such a douche canoe, he had to sign a written agreement with his boss, limiting his overabundant workplace douchebaggary.
by Bigbrothathunda!!! September 19, 2019
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