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N. 1. a. The furry patch of hair that runs along the testicular crack, also classified in slang as "Grandma's Sweater, the Parting of the Semen, and the Cain."
b. A one legged marsupial that became extinct due to the lack of mobility.

V. 1. a. To chase after girls that have not fully developed, or are considered a bit "premature".

b. To be dull or lifeless until poked, probed or jabbed.

c. To secrete a hazy blue fluid.

d. To kill your brother.

Adj. Douborangish-ly, Having feminine qualities with mass quantities of patchy fur, or a mustache.
N. After removing all the hair below his neck, Paul realized his douborange(Cain) had become more of a Sierra...rather bumpy and jagged. Poor Paul.

V. The lad was so outraged by the pickle and look their waiter, Todd, gave him, that he went on a Douborange at the local airfield.

Adj. Rachel was relieved to find out that her douborangish breasts were a resultant ofher two father's DNA.
by Cory Strawbridge September 06, 2004
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