The act of allowing a chunky male park his car outside a girl's front door to will him to have sex with her.
"I wasn't sure about it at first, but once he actually double yellow-ed me, I creamed my jeans for days with afterthoughts"
by itsalltrue June 14, 2012
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n. A pair of yellow lines that cars are not allowed to cross. Used for separating lanes of opposing traffic and creating borders around medians. Also used to prohibit entry and exit from high occupancy vehicle (carpool) lanes.
I got a ticket for crossing the double yellow when I turned left.
by free range turtle rancher July 10, 2010
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Or "Double yellows"- twin yellow lines down the side of a road which indicate no parking.
Hurry up, i've parked on double yellow
by oracle March 12, 2004
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A sexual obsession with watching asian girls urinate.
guy #1: dude last night hui lian pissed with the door open and I saw the whole thing from the bed, I got the weirdest boner.

by joanrafio March 25, 2012
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