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Derived from the "Dublin Area Rapid Transit"(DART).This word is used by D4 dickheads and most of the people surrounding Dublins Schools Rugby.
Lets loike totally take the dorsh,roight?
by Nicholas Linderschnaps September 04, 2004
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An insecure, petty, and dorky douche bag that releases his shortcomings and insecurity by insulting others he is jealous of.

Often times, the dorsh has no people skills and unlike nerds, is n't every smart.

The dorsh will use is own ignorance, to insult others he feels inferior too.

But unlike the douche bag, the dorsh is also very passive aggressive, and does most of his insulting behind your back.
Did you hear about that new dorsh that they hired? He's like 32 and is in karate classes. His illiterate insults against other people's english skills are ridiculous.
by nice10head January 20, 2013
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