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Blonde girl from the south who is known for her drunken debauchery. At times, may utter false phrases such as "I wont take advantage of you, I wont.."
She has a tendency to ignore people, and in the midst of conversation may intercede by inferring what the topic was about, sometimes creating a hilarious awkward situation.
A Dorkathy also has good hearing. She complains about the slightest sounds, including her neighbor's music when turned down the the minumum.
She also will lure drunken Amish and Chilean boys into her room at night, in the hopes of having her way with them.
"That Dorkothy is after me dude, she thinks I'm drunk."
"She's pullin' a Dorkathy; look at her trying to seduce that guy into her room."
by Dorkathy's Victim December 19, 2006
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