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Young, loud and synthetized band. That's Dope Stars Inc. , a brand-new, dirty, vicious drug made of neon lights and Tokyo debauchery. You have been warned.

Victor Love - Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Synths, Drum Machine
Grace Khold - Synths, Samples, Programming
Darin Yevonde - Bass
Brian Wolfram - Guitar
Dope Stars Inc. , DropDeadGorgeousProzacAddicted
by Jade April 04, 2004
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7th Generation of Rock N' Roll!

Young, loud and synthesized. That's Dope Stars Inc., a brand-new, dirty, vicious drug made of neon lights and Tokyo debauchery. You have been warned.

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:::start transmission:::

2003 // The Year We Made Contact:

During nuclear spring 2003 four motley-looking guys dressed in black with heavy make up and black leather charm met on earth to design a new synthetic dawn. 4 AM, adrenachaos rising, bodies sweating, hearts beating.

They had a dream: creating a rock 'n' roll band with a gritty, highly seducing blend of punk attitude and industrial sonic attacks. Machines meet sweat and blood: enter the matrix, neuromancer, rust. Theta Wave Resonance. Theta Division growing.
Victor Love, Grace Khold, Darin Yevonde, Brian Wolfram.

Dope Stars Inc. was born.

Adore the future, worship revolution.

On the 8th of May 2003, 8.53 PM, the band started to work on its first, raw and powerful release in a rusty and dirty cellar beneath the shallow suburbia of Rome. The result was "10.000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasures": a storming melting pot of industrial overloads, R'n'R razor-shaped guitars, Goth decadence, fast and furious punk attitude, pop melodies and techno hammer-beats.

Recording was such carnage, Grace sleeping on the floor, Victor smashing guitars and computers, Darin travelling all time, drinking too much red bull to stay awake. Those were weeks of lust, wild parties and good morning headaches, but Dope Stars Inc. always stayed on the track, guitars roaring and machines burning.

The EP blew the press away in few weeks, getting an unbelievable feedback from magazines and collecting top score reviews and articles on the big press all around the world.
Rock Sound UK said: "arrogant and bratty they may appear (that'll be the Motley Crue influence then), but it's great to see a band with balls walking the walk instead of just talking the talk!".

Crowds were hailing the new flesh.
Things getting bigger and bigger.
Stars about to explode.

During winter 2004 Dope Stars Inc. upgraded the Operating System to the next, ultimate level. A new terrific piece of hardware replaced Brian at guitars making Dope Stars Inc. one of the most poisonous and lethal stage-weapons around: Alex Vega, formerly known as the guitar player of the roman wave-rock sensation Klimt 1918 joined the chrome family.

Welcome to the (electric) jungle mate!

After 2 years of hard work, wild rumors, unreal offers and long negotiations the silence is finally broken. On February 2005 Dope Stars Inc. signed an ambitious record deal with the German Trisol Music Group GmbH, the well known and respected label based in Dieburg, already working for successful acts like London After Midnight, L'Ame Immortelle, Christian Death, Cinema Strange, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Samsas Traum, Kirlian Camera and Sopor Aeternus, just to name a few. The band also inked a deal with 4RT Management, currently working on the band's career development.

Infection ready to be spread. Machines roaring again.

The band was recording the long-awaited full-length debut album "Neuromance", with producer Thomas Rainer (L'Γ‚ME IMMORTELLE) and producer legend John Fryer (Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, H.I.M., White Zombie) and has been released on 28 August 2005.

We were ready for the masses, now the masses are ready for us.
A new breed of overdriven electro-dandies is born.

You have been warned.
Fuck Yeah!

Dope Stars Inc. are:

β€’ Victor Love - Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Programming
β€’ Grace Khold - Synthesizers
β€’ Darin Yevonde - Bass
β€’ Alex Vega - Guitar

:::end transmission:::
by ~Raven~ April 21, 2006
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