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1.Fancy word for Douche. Usually said with a fancy, sophisticated English accent.
2.Something that Matt will name his dog because it's an awesome name.
1. "You don't say. I think this book is rather dooshay"
2. "Yea i got a new dog. I'm totally naming him/her Dooshay"
3. "What a fucking dooshay"
"Yea man that guys an assdigger"
"Fuck him."
by Rob Swarner January 11, 2009
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When one is being a Dooshay they are; 1. Acting as if they are better than someone else, 2. Not fulfilling or allowing a very simple task to be accomplished, 3. Being annoying or irritating. (See: Douche Bag)
I had to go to the bathroom and the Dooshay teacher wouldn't let me.
by I am a philosopher. May 03, 2011
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