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noun. an obsessive bitch who thinks she's the most amazing person in the world, when she isn't, acts like the star of the show
verb. a person who tries too hard to do everything and wants to fit in, even though she knows she never will

Doorley is a person/thing who thinks she is basically the most amazing person in the world, but inside everyone hates her and they really don't want to be her friend, but she likes to attempt and overpower everyone.
noun. "Oh my God, I tried out for the part of the movie, but then my sister got the part instead just because she's cute! But she's so not cute!!! She's an ass and she is SUCH a Doorley!!!"
verb. "She Doorlied EVERYONE yesterday by acting totally over-dramatic. God, she doesn't she get that everyone who ACTS like her friend, really isn't?"
by dixiecup123 November 28, 2011
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