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A Band from Boston Mass. Nate Newton, the band's lead vocalist/guitarist also plays Bass in Converge. They put on an excellent live show and have opened for bands such as Danzig and Clutch. In the words of Nate Newton..."If You heard of us...where the hell have you been".
I saw Doomriders at the House of Blues and they rocked my face off. Listening to them was nothing less than pure sensory enlightenment.
by Murderflakes January 02, 2010
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a guy who has a hot girlfriend he likes to conspire with. he uses her to bait other men with, and then he confronts the victim when they try to make a move, or he laughs at them when she rejects them.
guy 1: "She's totally into you. Did you see how she was looking at you?"
guy 2: "Yeah but its just a setup. Her doomrider boyfriend is standing at 5:00. Its obviously a trap."
by santaclaustrophobic November 27, 2009
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