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(sometimes spelled doomen) A demon-like creature that exists in swamps and woodlands across North America. It feasts on human and animal flesh. Doomons are generally cosidered to be more powerful than conventional demons. All doomons can fly, and some stronger ones can breath flame and expell doom-rays from their eyes which instantly rot flesh. All doomons are led by Doom-O-Ray, a massive Cyclops-Doomon who weilds a chain-mace in one hand and a scythe in the other. Many scientists believe that Demons attain Doomon status by painfully casting themselves into a pit of lava in a ritual. This would explain the skeletal bodies of the doomons, as most of their tissue would burn away in the ceremony.

Doomons are extremely dangerous, and should be avoided at all cost, unless you are a certified Doomon hunter. If you spot a doomon contact the authorities immediately.
"He would slice through doomon flesh
He enjoyed his doomon meat fresh,"
-an excerpt from The Ballad of Kane McSweeny:Doomon Hunter
by Dr. Michael Von Isaac November 26, 2007
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A cross between doom and demon.
n. Scott is such a doomon sometimes.

adj. This is a bunch of doomenography.
by Travis242 October 01, 2007
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