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1: a person that kicks ass (in a fight, subject, or business)
2. a person that is running shit. (a boss)
3. a person that has been through some serious shit, and is still standing. (not falling on his back.. that would be a dookie back)
4. a person that is making major moves & Not standing still.
5. the first person to do something.
6. something being really really good, despite it being short or fast.
1. Frank is the Dookie Foot at getting something out of nothing.
2. Look kids!! I am the Dookie Foot in this house!
3. Even when the lights were off, Mr. Burton remained a true Dookie foot & fed his family good.

4. A single mother, student, business owner, and part time volunteer, Felicia is a real Dookie foot.
5. Johnny was the Dookie foot with the dookies. air force 1s
6. She sent me a text the next day that said.. Sex with you was a serious Dookie Foot.
by Frank B aka Frank Bully October 27, 2013
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