A type of braid that is commonly worn amongst young female African American children of elementary school age.

Characteristics of the braid include being fuller in size than a standard braid, decreasing in size from top to bottom, and overall resembling a lumpy piece of dookie, hence the name.
I was flipping through my old elementary school yearbook, and I saw Jasmine's picture. She used to have dookie braids!
by FerrariCarr July 27, 2010
dookie braids: braids from the head that are large and hang freely or the individual braids (note there are multiple braids invloved with hair style). very popular in california and early 90's. mistakin for dread locks by most caucasians.
caucasian person: yo fred are those dreads?
fred: no honky. they is dookie braids.
caucasin: okay, but yo braids look like shits just to let you know.....
fred: my mother dosent love me anymore.........

-nuff said.
by dookie luv#1 August 24, 2006