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Donweezy refers to a person who is in total control of any situation. The origins of the word come from a Puerto Rican man/myth Donato (gift rom God in Italian). Legend tells of the great exploits of this "Donato", including the ability to accurately throw people very far away. His great powers were acquired soon after reading How to Get Anyone to do Anything.
Scenario A
Person 1: Yo man I finally banged the new girl at work.
Person 2: Damn, that was some Donweezy shit.

Scenario B
Person 1: Whatup man what are you doin today?
Person 2: Nothin just chillin.
Person 1: Oh you're on some Donweezy shit.

Scenario C
Person 1: Congratulations on winning the election I never thought you'd be president of the UN!!!
Person 2: Yeah you know man, I just got on some Donweezy type shit.
by Harold Bloom March 28, 2007
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