Donte is the most greatest person you will ever meet. He´s always there for you in any situation. He´s very Charming sweet and caring, If you don´t ever have a Donte in your life then that will be impossible because there every where. They can be a dick some times tho but not often because when they are it´s rare. He´s a very funny guy and he makes jokes about every thing. Donte is one of my best friends and he´s not like anyone else. Hes also the one who gets all the girls there fall for him because of his looks and his personality he´s the cool guy in school that every one wish´s to be him.
Look there´s Donte he´s a very funny guy you should go ask him to hang out.
by lowkey._.rhi06 April 1, 2020
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A cool ass name from the 80's, also a slick fun and loving person who can't keep a job.
"Get that Donte off your couch before he eats all the damn groceries"
by supper June 19, 2008
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Donte gets ugly girls but he loves them.His girlfriend loves him.Donte belongs to Nataleigh.He is a king. He has a huge dick and booty
Donte has a huge dick
by queenjames👑 April 6, 2019
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Donte: p. "don-tey" Creole word meaning "Tame" Used by Caribbean Islanders as a derogatory term for American Blacks
"Oh mon, dey all be donte, no good for noting but dreenkin all day and cashin de welfar chicks"
by Charlene deBorgis March 7, 2016
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A donte is a bald headed boy is very ugly and gets no girls. He rides no waves and only rides penis. He is never the person you would like to hang out with!
Donte is very weird sometimes.
by BlueBarney February 5, 2019
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