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kind , loving , and caring, protective , wonderful, but always has the best in mind for you , great parents , but dont know when to let child grow up & be free ,, they are clingy to their kids which is just a strong love to them, sometimes meann when needed , not violent unlesss influenced , great lovers & wonderful people , very forgetful at times but aalways there when you neeed them , so if you meet a donsha dont judge them by what you see because what you seee isnt always whta you get, so if their not the best on the outside then their the bets on the inside, they always forgive but never forget so be careful, hard to gain trust back from so keep it.
teenage daughter "hey mom"
donsha "yeah"
teenage daughter "can i go to a party"
donsha "will boys be their"
teeenage daughter "yes , but i know better"
donsha (hesitant) "yeeah but call me if you need anything"
teenage daughte " thank-you & okay i will Bye!!!!!"
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