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A specific act of sploshing that incorporates the finer points of the donkey punch, but discards its more violent elements, the donkey pie has attracted quite a following. Beginning with a rear entry form of sexual intercourse the donkey pie is achieved when, at some point during intercourse, the giver throws a prepared pie at the back of the head of the receiver. A point of divergence is the proper time to give or receive the pie. For some it is a precursor and necessary step to achieving orgasm. Others prefer it to be an expression of physical and emotional release. Others still prefer to climax, give dramatic pause... then involve the pie.

Attracting a much wider audience than the donkey punch or its offspring the mule kick, this lighthearted act has become popular with people from all stations of life but seems particularly popular with pastry chefs, clowns, rear entry aficionados and Democrats. Among donkey pie enthusiasts, variations are relished. Experimentation with different pies are frequently discussed in forums and casual encounters, alike.
Scenario: Two people are standing in line at the grocery store.
Shopper 1: "What shampoo do you use? It smells great!"
Shopper 2: "Oh, that's not my shampoo. I got donkey pied last night."

Shopper 1: "Me too! But we tried mince meat. I wouldn't recommend that one. ...can I get the recipe for yours?"
Shopper 2: "Absolutely."
by ploud21 December 11, 2010
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