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A person who is already percieved as an ass who also exhibits the behavior of a douche with an unnecissary amount of zealousness.

A person who exceeds the normal parameters of doucheness.
Jim is a total donkey douche for telling my boss that I was high on crack.
by dxh September 28, 2010
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when a man has sexual relations with a female donkey the donkey must be cleaned out with a douche before its next encounter. the female donkey is cleansed with this douche to ensure years of healthy fun.

neccessary for all animals commonly used for beastiality. for example chickens, cows, and goats.
in the movie clerks 2, you can make love to "kinky kelly" the donkey for 500 bucks. the donkey must be cleaned out with a donkey douche between performances or between clients.
by bob plumblow March 15, 2008
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