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A person who is already percieved as an ass who also exhibits the behavior of a douche with an unnecissary amount of zealousness.

A person who exceeds the normal parameters of doucheness.
Jim is a total donkey douche for telling my boss that I was high on crack.
by dxh September 28, 2010

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1) a combination of sir and faggot which sounds similar to what is expected so it goes unnoticed.
2) when you are forced to call a douche bag "Sir" to play the "game".

3) A person who demands respect but has earned none of it.
As I was walking down the hall, I saw the VP of Nothingness and said "Hello, Sirt" in a loud confident manner as this is what he wants. I was thinking to myself that this dude is the biggest douche bag in the history of the vagina which allowed me to have an honest smile while I said hello.
by dxh December 08, 2011

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