a girl who after performing oral sex carries the cum in her mouth to the nearest sink to spit it out, hence the donkey refrence.
That Julia is such a cum donkey she can handle up to four guys in one trip.
by ufodog624 December 03, 2005
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a girl who after performing oral sex tries to swallow the semen but the semen coats, so she makes donkey sounds trying to swallow it.
Man: Bruhhh, I got me a real cum donkey, she does a little dance with that shit in her throat too!
by Rogue Imp February 02, 2017
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In cum swapping world, one whom you unleash your load on but not the one that swallows it. Essentially, a donkey who carries your load to the destination.
Last night I watched this fugly japanese cum donkey snort cum from her nose and puke it out of her mouth to the mouth of other equally fugly chick who swallowed it whole which made my dick more limp than a bizkit.
by ghunthorp January 04, 2022
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The substance added to zero-calorie sweeteners to ensure they are not chemically identical to sugar.
by The XDer July 06, 2021
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