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The members of the notorious street gang, named Dankey Kang, that take refuge in a dark, secretive palace located in Guelph, Ontario (known as the Dong Palace). They are best known for slaying hoes, dominating various gang-related street rap battles, tearing up the dance floor at Trappers like rabid beavers, getting kicked out of Fion McCool's for cheating at trivia, and their intense hatred for the one known as Jewstein Bober. They are also the founding members of an elite underground society, Da Drizzy Drizzle Club (Drake Club). Seen by some as a cult, da drizzy drizzle club worships famous canadian rapper Drake as their god. The Dong Squad also excels at fucking bitches, getting money, and being the best dads they can be.
Eric: Hey Cole, have you seen the DongSquad lately?
Cole: Nah yo, I hear they be prowling the streets of downtown Guelph tonight. They might be postin up at trappers slayin hoes and stealin yo bitch. Lookout!
by Dong Squad September 22, 2014
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