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Donezay is a word used to describe a general failure. It can be used to describe being beaten by another person at something, or a simple act stupidity or coincidence that has in some way affected a person negatively brought on by one's self or nature
Five friends are hanging out when suddenly one sucker punches another sending him flying across the room.

the other three immediately yell "Duoonzzaaaaaaaaaahhh" as the victimized friend bleeds and cries

Two friends are sitting in a cafe as a waitress drops a plate smashing it on the ground. They both exclain "Donezaaaaaaahhh" as she picks up the broken shards, slicing her hands in hasty embarassment

In the beginning "Donezay" was pronounced just as one would expect. However, through many years of evolution, Donezay has changed. Some think for better, some think for worse. Most for better. In fact, the first generation of the word was "Done". The Donezay pronunciation evolution.

Yr : Pronunciation

1: Dun

2: Dunzee

3: Dunzees

4: Doonzees

5: DoohhnZaaahh

The 6th year and current pronunciation of "Donezay" is as follows:

Duuoaaaah! When using correctly, the speaker will escelate the volume, beginning with D and ending with H

None understands how the letter Z has been phased out of "Donezay". Most agree it was for the better.
by Budday September 15, 2008
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