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Typically a guy who is all about himself; selfish. He doesn't care about friends or family and how his discussions may effect them. A Donald is generally known as an asshole and typically has little friends. A Donald thinks he is a real ladies man when really it's the exact opposite. #asshole #loser #selfish
Girl: Can you help me carry these bags in the house?
Boy: no I don't feel like it do it yourself
Girl: you're such a Donald.
by Hard2Handle74 January 10, 2017
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Similar, but worst than someone being a "Dick" or a jerk. An angry hostile orange creature that is unprepared and unqualified. It also can mean you're a morarally bankrupt and corrupt person.
"What a Donald!" "That guy is such a Donald"
Donald Trump is a major Don-artist.
by Bar 1 March 18, 2017
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1. A sexual predator

2. An exceedingly creepy man who makes inappropriate and misogynistic passes at women

3. A rapist
We were at the bar last night and this donald just walked over to her on the dance floor and groped her!

An unknown donald was brought into custody last night for the suspected assault of multiple women in the metro area.
by Dissident January 21, 2017
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To take a shit. Rhyming Slang. Donald Trump : Dump
After that vindaloo last night, I took such a massive steaming Donald this morning that my ring piece is still smarting/
by LondiniumMonAmour October 30, 2016
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An idiot that makes hissing noises. See Donald Trump and Donald Duck
Person:Stop speaking like a Donald
by Synonymtic December 24, 2016
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Generally a vitriolic, malicious, racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic orange creature who tends to resemble a rotting clementine with some platinum pube hair on the top. They also have small hands and we know what that means. Donald's are most commonly and in the most simple terms, cunts.
That guy is a real Donald
by fuckangryorangemen September 25, 2017
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