Expression: Similar to "No offence" or "Not for Nothing", "Don't @ me" literally means don't mention my name in a tweet, comment, etc., but is usually used in pretext of something predicted by the presenter to be offensive to a social audience of a specific type.

Origins: In our internet culture of 2017, saying things that don't align with popular opinion traditionally result in a lot of comments directed back to the original poster, usually accomplished by the commenter typing @<name> of original poster.
Youtuber: "Don't @ me, but green people really do" - Probably offensive to people who'd rather be called "Jade".


EastWestStudent_15: "Don't at me, but the only thing worse than West East's QB is East West's QB" -Probably offensive to anyone who attends this guys school w/ a lot of school pride or knows the QB. This sort of thing...

Direct Message (DM):

User1: <Insert offensive pickup line / joke / whatever here>

User2: Don't @ Me

(In this case, User 2 is literally telling User1 not to message them. This term can be used this way on a more personal level)

Twitter Mention:

User1: " @user2 I heard you were talking shit at the mall. I'm going to beat that ass."

User2: "@user1 I wasn't talking any shit! Ask @user3, she was there the whole time!"
User 3: "@user2 uh uh don't @ me bitch. I wasn't at the mall."
(In this case, user 3 has request that user 2 not mention her name or bring her into the fight, because she isn't willing to help)

Don't @ Me (Don't At Me) - Written because UD Validation needs updating, and I can't post this without what i'm sure is a regex of the word being in defined.
by CPL_Sal October 21, 2017
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When someone is irritating you/doing something negative to you but you ain't having any of it.
Similar to "can you not", i.e. piss off
*night out*
a guy: "you're so sexy, come home with me. Please, let's go, you'll love it, come on, please"
a girl: "oi, don't at me (don't @ me)"
by moyseh February 7, 2015
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1) If your a little bitch, what you scream when resisting arrest.

2) A response to a friend who is clearly bullshiting you.
1) Andrew Meyer, a little bitch, yelled "Don't tase me, bro! DON'T TASE ME!!" when the FPD tased the shit out of him.

2)"Hey, I just got to level 64 on WoW!"
"Don't tase me, bro. Yesterday you where at 13."
by tweeter September 20, 2007
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