An expression used to assure the audience that the speaker does not want to live underneath a dome, esp. before a statement that could be construed as having "pro-dome" qualities.
1) "Hey, guys, no domo, but I think AstroTurf looks cool."
2) "No domo, but I feel the umbrella is an optimal way to deflect rain."
3) "Hey, no domo or anything, but like, I think it would make sense to cut this watermelon in half before eating it."
by King Izak June 24, 2009
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A japanese cartoon character, usually seen here in america as an emo icon or on graphic tee's. He is a short, brown, monster - looking charactor with two simple black eyes and quite large mouth.
Domo: If you want to become emo, and you have super strict parents, start by getting a super cute emo icon (stuffed animal) domo is a good example.
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1)Thank You, in Japanese

2) An awesome character that hatched from an egg and passes gas if upset, seems to say only one word that sounds like his own but people say they can understand it.

3)You when your pretty drunk.
1) "Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto."

2) "Domo is a pretty cool show, domo, domo, domo."

3)"CMONNN, Dude, lets go already,....stop passing gas everywhere you Domo!"
by AwayWeGo April 11, 2010
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the best charcter in the world
domo is awsaume
by domo kun November 3, 2008
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Used when talking to a girlfriend or wife.
Hey babe.Domo!
by T-bag2000 February 16, 2013
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