A man with a insanely small penis so small it lacks to create sperm with unstoppable amounts of penis hair
Your small penis hair could make a blanket for every homeless person on the planet you have a Dominic seese
by Pickle juice all on me887 March 06, 2017
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Dominic Sherwood is the hottest and cutest British man in the whole fucking world. HE IS THE PANDA KING AND HE DESERVES THE WHOLE ASS WORLD
He has played the best and hottest Jace Herondale in our damn life!
Someone: What's the name of that Jace Herondale or whatever his last name is??

Me: Ohw you mean the hottest and cutest British man on the world, that's Dominic Sherwood
by Shadowhunters-Saver June 13, 2019
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Dominic short was mistaken for Jesus Christ one day when he went for fish and chips. He could not feed the masses and was subsequently crucified on the side of a Lidl.
by The Crimson Rag June 04, 2021
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A super gay dude who has gay orgies with male relatives and has a huge head and thinks he is super smart but he isn't
Jeez he is such a Dominic Smith

Breaking news a man just out of Marysville Ohio just Dominic smithed his under aged brothers
by Homosexual nigger September 29, 2017
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Dominic is the best guy you will ever meet. He is a leader, kind and the sexyest guy around. He is a huge ladys man or at least he would be if he wasn't a great boyfriend to whoever is lucky enough to be with him rn. He is also a great friend to have he will always try and make everyone have fun and never force anyone to do anything. He would also stick up for his friends no matter what. So if your friends with him you're very lucky
Hay do you know Dominic solano? Yeah he is great.
by Widowmaker October 27, 2020
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A hella bent fellow that has inserted his microscopic dick into his two dogs. Hits the gym every day (the first sign of being gay). Smells like AXE deodorant all the time and wears a pair of sexy purple Calvin Kleins. Hair never on fleek and looks like Thor when he gets a hair cut. Super lazy in lessons and last time he did homework was when he was an embryo. Claims to be good at sports and live a lavish lifestyle.
Stop flashing your ass Dominic Sullivan
by Attractive Guy June 27, 2019
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