The guy who manages every Discord server.
Usually really angry and strict.
Hey, Domi banned me from the server because I sent a meme in the wrong channel.
by DomiDomi August 30, 2020
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The coolest person youll meet and that youre probably gonna fall in love with
You're so domi (youre so perfect)
by Josephvava July 31, 2021
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In Puerto Rico and other places it’s a person from Dominican Republic
Ay papi, ¿tú flow domi? Hey mate, are you from Dominican Republic

Ay mami, me gusta tu acento de domi, muy duro. - Ay girl, I like your accent from D.R, very cool.

Gracia' a to' mis domi' y a mi gente en Puerto Rico - Thank you all my Dominicans and my people in Puerto Rico.
by Gracia’ December 20, 2020
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A nickname given to a girl with the name Dominique.
You're so cool, Domi!
by Domiiiii January 23, 2007
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One of the toughest hockey players who ever played in the NHL. He notorious for getting into fights too.
You're Domi, you really pounded on that guy!
by Mick July 1, 2005
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1. a person possessing whore like qualities. easy fast cheap. an all around slut.

2. a douche. someone acting in a cunt-like manner.

3. new word to replace bitch, can be used in a joking nature
1. That Paris Hilton is a total domi.

2. I cant believe how much of a domi you were to my mom last night!

3. Where my domi's at?
by shift_tab April 5, 2008
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