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An expression used to simply indicate one's desire to manage their life in any manner which they prefer. It can be applied to various scenarios in which the individual places an emphasis on his choice to take any course of action which he pleases.
- Yo, do you still talk with that girl you used to go out with?

Hell no bro, Im doin me.

- You still caught up in that drama?

Nah man, Im doin me.

- Do you still do business with them

C'mon bro, those guys don't know anything about making money. Im doin me.
by Leikok June 30, 2010
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Being a complete moron. Those that say they are 'doin me' don't deserve to live on this intelligent planet. There is no room nor is there enough oxygen on this Earth for stupid people that say 'doin me' instead of 'getting my shit together' or maybe 'worrying about myself'.
Elliot- What you up to today?
Lauren- Dunno... just doin me.
Elliot- What the FUCK is that supposed to mean?!
by Nutmaster April 03, 2009
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