The act of making two dogs fight each other...sometimes to the death. Fags participate in this ritual and retards are also known to take part.
Dumbass #1:"You see that gangsta over there?"

Dumbass #2: "You men the homie that wears his old lady's skirts when he's not around his boys?"

Dumbass #1: "Fo shizzle, he sets up fighting rings for dogs."

Dumbass #2: "Dog Fighting? What a fag."
by FU1000Times!!! November 07, 2011
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the act of pitting two dogs against each other in a desperate struggle for retard fueled dominance
person 1: yo did you see that dog fighting

Person 2: ya man i heard that was michael vicks pit
by yayerrr June 02, 2010
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Men fighting.... like a cat fight is women fighting, a dog or dawg fight is men fighting.
Hurry come quick, there is about to be a "dog fight"!
by littleone33 January 30, 2011
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Like a cat fight but only involving ugly women.
"Did you see that dog fight last night? Man, those chicks looked like dudes. I have never been so turned off."
by edbrodo April 07, 2010
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When, at the start of the night, all the guys put money into a pot, and decide to go for the dirtiest of dirties. At the end of the night, whoever got with the filthiest girl wins the pot.
"This party is going to be pure dirt from Uptown."
"Better call a Dog Fight!"
by the product August 22, 2005
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