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It is a kickass pokemon. Looks kind of like an ostrich, but with three heads. Its the evolved form of Doduo, with only 2 heads. It says, acording to summary, it was born after a reaction to some waste-mutation. On it, each of the 3 heads represents Anger, Happiness, and Sadness. Its in fire-Red and other pokemon games.
**Gotcha! Dodrio was caught! Would you like to give your Dodrio a nickname?**
by Rukilvr October 19, 2008
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Noun. An early pubescent (jailbait) female cocktease. Generally flatchested and very good at what she does. Is willing to do anything to avoid dating her victims while still maintaining their attention, including but not limited to, crying to avoid answering when asked on a date. Dodrios usually tease older men ages 18-25.
Dude that girl is a total Dodrio. I asked her to hang out with me on Valentine's day and she just cried instead of answering.
by Truthhold March 09, 2010
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