Cross between dick and cock to describe a man who is being a dick and/or cock
Dude 1: I think I'm gonna hit it and quit it, man
Dude 2: Wow, you're being a dock, dude
by estoy enamorado January 21, 2011
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Like ''good'' or ''great'' or any other positive adjective. Can also mean big or vast.
by presumingpete June 30, 2009
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a dick and a cock combined
Peter-IM goign to go soon.
Ginger-No i need someone to come and suck my dock!
by mgydagnger August 19, 2008
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1) A pier on the shore, port or areas on or along the coast.
2) The act of ones penis penetrating another penis's foreskin.
3)Acronym for Dong Of Cock King
1) Jacob loved having sex on the dock.
2)When news of Derek went around that he went docking, people ridiculed him by yelling "HAH! GAY!"
3)Mia said feeling D.O.C.K inside her was her life's dream.
by bukkake master elite June 29, 2015
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Putting your dick in a vag, and just letting it sit there. Practiced a BYU to prevent having sex.
Chris- Dude, you gonna bang that chick tonight night.
Verno- No, I'll just dock it.
by Grant Johnson June 11, 2008
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A quick and easy place to purchase snacks or beverages, especially a corner store or grocery store.
Let’s stop by the dock and get some snacks before we hit the road.
by Fictitious Fatty August 02, 2018
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Dock is the term that references the mail sex organ. It's a combination of two slang terms for the penis. Those terms are "dock" and "cock". Putting them together you get a great term to use for the wang.
From the hit movie "Magnolia". The information starring Frank T.J. Mackie says the following while promoting his "how to get girls" series of tapes called "Seduce & Destory". He says.... "...if you buy my tapes you are going to have all those women's panties moist and they won't believe how badly they will want to wet you dock!"
Source: Tom, Minneapolis, MN
by Tom August 16, 2006
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