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From The Monkees' 3rd Album Headquarters

Dobalina, Mr. Bob Dobalina is from The Monkees' 3rd album "Headquarters"


Written by Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz

Spoken words by Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz

A fugue made up of disparate phrases; the Monkees would sometimes enter public places performing it

"Mr. Bob Dobalina" was a name heard over a paging system

Recorded at RCA Victor Studio C, Hollywood, 1967
Mr. Dobalina, Mr Bob Dobalina
by Babs21960 February 15, 2014
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Slang term for corporate white persons. Created by Oakland, CA hip hop artist Del tha Funkee Homosapien. His song, Mr. Dobalina poked fun at workplace white persons. Now used as a discreet slang to alert others that white persons are nearby, or that a message is being filtered to meet the expectations of said white persons.
Sample At-work Email Conversation:

Dame: "Tom, I just got this new Hammer CD via the internets; can I email you a few of these tracks?"

Tom: "No, not right now, I'm working at a client's site, and there's a lot of Dobalinas here; they don't want us to use our CPU's for music, etc."

Dame: "OK, I'll send them to your personal email address later."
by DameBenz August 29, 2005
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