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The phrase "do me a solid" means do me a favor. The term was first used in the Northeastern United States, particularly in urban environments, at least as early as the mid 1980's, long prior to the Seinfeld episode usage.
Do me a solid man, lend me $5.
by Jonnyanthology August 16, 2013
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Hey, man, do me a solid... Yeah? Lend me a fiver...

my comment: Seinfeld, schmeinfeld, we were using the expression "Do me a solid" mid-sixties in London. But I don't know where it started.
by TeeDubbya May 11, 2014
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First used on the Seinfeld episode "The Jacket" in 1991.

KRAMER: Hey. Hey, would you do me a solid?

JERRY: Well, what kind of solid?

KRAMER: I need you to sit in the car for two minutes while it's double-parked. I gotta pick up some birds.

Also used in the movie "Half Nelson" (Ryan Gosling)

"Juno" has caused a new wave of youngins to say this who have never used the term before seeing the movie, which has caused people who have used it prior to stop using it immediately. Take the term you fake ass scenesters.
by old head April 03, 2008
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"do me a solid" means do me a favor.
I want to date this hot chick but she wants to bring her not-so-hot friend. Can you do me a solid and go out with her friend? The phrase is used by Jennifer Aniston in the movie "Derailed."
by Punk Ass Bitch September 05, 2006
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it means a favor. this term was used in the n shows sows south of nowhere and degrassi the next generation. it was also used in the independant film, juno.
"man, do me a solid and get yourself a date and stop flirting with my girl"

*also used as owe me a solid
by loveyababe January 05, 2008
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When you extrude a huge, hard and difficult poop-glob. One that you have to concentrate to get out. Probably moan a bit, too.
Hey, doctor, I must have a problem. I was sitting on the pot with little success and then, after great work, I had to do me a solid. It sank to the bottom quickly.
by Pteradactyl Flesticle September 20, 2010
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