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Question asked by an unfortunate individual who has just shit themself. Basically, they sharted. Treat this with good humour, but at a fair distance upwind of the individual.
DUDE 1 : Hey, lets go cropdust that fat guy outside Wal-Mart!
DUDE 2 : Okay!
DUDE 1 : (near fat guy) (silent fart) (thinks in head : OH YEAH! SNIFF THAT ASS CLOWN!)
DUDE 2 : (near fat guy) (BLOODY RIPPER) (thinks in head : Do farts have lumps?)
FAT GUY : You sick bastard!
HOT CHICK : That man is my hero! I want to screw madly with him in the bathroom stall!
by Jim E. Junk April 18, 2006
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