a condescending expression used on body building and fitness forums to question the legitimacy of someone’s fitness expertise or weight lifting routine. Similar to other interrogatives like “U Mad?” or “U Jelly?”, the phrase is mainly used to aggravate another user during arguments about physical fitness.
John: There's no way you'll make it on the football team.

Brian: Bro, do you even lift?
by angrymongolian May 26, 2012
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While used frequently in fitness and bodybuilding chatrooms and forums, it is also used as an amusing non-sequitur to express general exasperation or derision in situations not involving fitness or bodybuilding.
The light is green...go! God, do you even lift?

This spreadsheet is all wrong. Do you even lift?
by Swoleness February 8, 2023
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A phrase used on an individual who say's that they try whatever they can to get "beefed" at a gym, but meet no result.
"Man every time I go to the gym, I NEVER get even a slightest bit of muscle..."
"Dude, do you even lift?"

"Crap, I can't even lift 20 pounds."
"Man, seriously, do you even lift?"
by DYEL Guy August 20, 2013
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Used during arguments about ones physical fitness or used as a question to ask, "Do you work out?" with 'bro' said in an obnoxious way on the end.
by YeahhhBoiii February 4, 2017
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Male greeting. Used most often among a group in a chat room. Depending on the answer, the person will be judged to be "in" or "out". This is normally followed by an extended boasting session. However, the boasting is reversed and as a person is accepted into the group, a tall tale is told about them.
Cyborg walks into a room and says "Hey everyone"
Nova responds with "Hey Bro"
Cyborg say "Do you even lift bro?"
Adabear says "I lifted your mom last night, does that count?"
**Now accepted as part of the group**
Cyborg says "Adabear is so big he once lifted the ocean, just cause he dropped his sunglasses while Jetskiing!"

After appropriate laughter, this continues as a greting
by Adabear September 2, 2013
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