Pronounced "do it laaaateeeer". Procrastination pushed to its very limit. Perfected by a dynamic young man from Dorset who first uttered these eternal words. A perpetual state of doing it later is known as All systems go
Mike: You gonna leave the house today?
Aidan: I'll do it later
by X-Ray_Cat November 29, 2007
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when you acctually really dont want to do something but you cant be asked with it now, but you know in your head you will never do it.
teacher: can you do your work now?
student: ill do it later...
3 Days later
teacher: wheres your work?
student: ermm... *runs away as fast as possible*
by :)helloooo:) April 5, 2018
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The act of just doing. Doing something impulsively and not thinking about it and letting it process until later.
J: I want to get a tattoo
G: Do now, think later! I want one too, let's go!
by Ridiculous Cows 74 October 23, 2023
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