When you divde the drug Cocaine into even lines with a razor blade and proceed to snort the drug through the nose usually with a rolled bill!
"this is so boring..."
"lets go do some lines."
by XPR April 2, 2004
To consume an entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, usually very quickly.
Those Thin Mints are so good, I'm gonna do a line after lunch today.
by HappyTexasMom March 18, 2009
Snorting lines of any powdered drug, typically cocaine. The drug used could also be heroin, oxycodone, meth, adderall, etc.

Typically done with a rolled up dollar bill or straw.
Josh: Why do you have white powder on your nose and a rolled up dollar bill?
Cody: I wast just doing lines of some of the finest coke I have had in years.
by --d..cd0c- January 30, 2015
Being addicting to Tetris
"Have you seen Joe"
"Yeah, he's been in the toilet for half an hour - I think he's doing lines"
by Gunners2 December 12, 2007