DnG stands for DitchnGo.

When a friend hangs out without letting you know and you somehow find about it.

When a friend 'ditches' you and makes his own hangout plans.

*A term coined by a bunch of students studying in Carnegie Mellon Qatar.
Allan stop being a DnG every weekend !!
Shankar is a big time DnG !!
by samee77 June 30, 2011
A Group or gang created by a bunch of kids from the schools who got so used to sitting around in parking lots and doing abosulty nothing they named their group the do nothing gang. they are can be seen at advernture land on a daily basis and love to play kick ball in the rain
what do you think the dng is doing tonight, probably nothing like every other night
by slappy skooter September 1, 2006
It's a name meaning DA New Generation
Who are you

Were DNG
by Goatry August 20, 2019
when someone really fucks up typing english
friend: god i hate dng;ish
you: how the fuck
by large100 July 22, 2021
Da Nascar Guy; Famous YouTuber
DNG was a very influential YouTuber who made videos about the sport NASCAR.
by Lego Gamer5502 September 29, 2021
Dng Carnage, Otherwise known as an absolute Chad. Streamer Extraordinaire, top of his game. however unfortunately he still plays Fortnite (Popular online Shooter for babies) so not as cool as he would think he is.
Dng Carnage grew up on a small country farm where he developed his rage skills for streams by punting cows across the fields.
Quick with a quip, Dng Carnage always has something to say. most likely the N word
Dng Carnage? Never heard of him
Just Watched Dng Carnage last night! Suicidal thoughts are gone!
What did Dng Carnage just say?
Looks like Dng Carnage is getting Cancelled... Again
How Many Girlfriends does Dng Carnage have again?
Man i would love to be hit streamer Dng Carnage
by Sir Jaiden the Maiden May 16, 2022