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The poster known as Djimbe has been utterly proven to be a liar and a fake. The Bullshido Administration have decided to take action and notify all posters through this signature of Djimbe's past claims:

* Tigerfly can own collegiate wrestlers
* Telling wrestlers what is or is not a shoot when he doesn't wrestle
* He can break Rickson's forearms at will and could beat him in a streetfight
* TF's workout regime surpases those of pro athletes
* All Judo/BJJ comes from Qin-na
* He claimed he had an upcoming MMA fight
* He thinks he could take Matt Thorton
* He thinks he's more skilled than Asia (no one has seen that at any throwdowns). The implication at the time was fighting, not just Baji.
* Grappling and beating two BJJers at once
* People must ask his instructor permission before opening up a school in Chinatown.
* "its really not all that hard to pick up (ground grappling) if your Chinese Standing Grappling game was tight in the first place" -he has no clue as to what grappling is.
* Three months at his XingYi place and TF could destroy a bjj blue belt in grappling.

Also please, when responding to a djimbe post, use The Djimbe Translator
Djimbe is a fat tub of lard that could break Rickson's forearms.
by al March 11, 2005
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