1) The place where a husband and wife separates. The presiding judge will decide how assets are split.

2) The same place where husbands will proceed to be raped financially. A prenuptial agreement or assets saved in foreign countries may save him, but there are times it may not.

3) The same place where women likes to pretend that they get it as difficult as men in divorce court. This is despite news about women being destroyed in court happens about once every blue moon whereas the opposite (men) can fill a page or two a week.

4) The same place where everybody gets a chance to be in bed with your wife. The judge will be there, her lawyer, your lawyer, and just about any passerby.
1) Madeline and John separated in divorce court.

2) John's house/car/kids/etc was taken by his wife, but he managed to saved about $135,000 by saving in a Bahamas account. Unfortunately, child support and alimony quickly depleted this money.

3) Madeline told the press her life is more difficult than before. She currently lives in a middle class house with expensive electronics, nice services, and she doesn't even work that much. Her husband, on the other hand, is living in an apartment somewhere in downtown.

4) The judge, lawyers, and passerbys had a great time.
by BusinessMan November 2, 2005
A really cool Fox Television series about a married couple coming in front of either Judge Mablean Ephriam, Judge Lynn Toler or Judge Faith Jenkins so that they could get advice on their marriage or get a divorce. It has aired on Television since 1999.
I love watching Divorce Court so much!
by MASTUH OSCG 8845 IS BACK January 13, 2021
1. When a statement or action expressed by an individual leads you to believe they've been through a traumatic divorce.

2. When an individual is over-compensating in a marriage to win the favor of their spouse, preventing divorce.
Man: *Slaps comedian who made a joke about his wife*
Man: "Keep my wife's name out of your fuc**ng mouth"

"Woah, that's some Divorce Court Energy.

"Congrats to Tina on her pregnancy! And so soon! 3 months Seperated and my son's getting a little brother! Goodbye Alimony!"

- "Yikes, that's some major Divorce Court Energy".
by JohnnyRobot March 29, 2022