Nothing makes college educated women happy. Instead of losing weight, or improving their personality, they choose to destroy their family’s lives because 50% of other women are doing it. So why the fuck not?
I will never get married because I watched my dad get divorce raped. He gave my mom the houses, cars, kids, and took on all the family debt to preserve the assets for us. My mom still dragged him through a 3 year court circus and extracted more money than he had in monthly child support. My dad lived in his car, a scum motel, then the worst crime neighborhood in a shit apartment. When he couldn’t make a few support payments the cops handcuffed him and put him in jail. He was a god father and made sure to see us every day. But his life was ruined and it destroyed mine too. Even my mom says she regrets it and is even unhappier now. Yeah, so, there’s absolutely no way I’m having kids. I won’t even get married with an ironclad prenup. Divorce rape happens wayyyy to often and it’s always the man who is starting over again in his 50s. Just when his hard work should have been paying off. Now he’s totally fucked. No thanks, America.
Noun or verb used to describe a wife who uses the fact that divorce courts are sexist in favour of women, to personal advantage. For example by taking an unfair proportion of the husband's assets or denying him access to children.
Julie and her husband James had been married for 10 years and had 3 children. Julie stopped having sex with James and then accused him of rape. She filed for divorce and hired an expensive lawyer using their shared bank account. Julie and her lawyer divorce raped James and took the house and all the money James had saved over the years, leaving James with nothing. He was also denied the right to visit his children. James was upset with the divorce rape that Julie had committed against him. What a bitch.
by Dave_Truth August 18, 2015