In a corporation, this is a person who was hired solely because of the color of their skin, or their sexual identity, as opposed to their actual skills or contributions to the company. This person is usually employed for reasons including company PR or lower government taxation.
Jerry: "Which one of us was the useless simpleton who organized all these files incorrectly?"
Harry: "It was Terry, the diversity hire."
Jerry: "If we screwed up as much as he does, we'd be fired."
Harry: "Sadly, Terry is a homosexual black man, so HR won't touch him."
by The Man Guy Dude May 15, 2023
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Have ever looked around your company and noticed how many team leaders and lower management tick diversity boxes? These people are diversity hires. All big corporations have quoters for diversity they need to meet and by hiring and promoting people who tick the right boxes the HR team can feel they are fighting for social justice
My new ream leader is a diversity hire. Totally useless but the company will cover for him as he's black and gay
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Most middle management in alot of industries have to tick at least one diversity box to be allowed to be promoted however a diversity hire was taken on purely to tick boxes and usually more than one. Example black, transgender lesbian head if HR equality department.
Why would someone so stupid be given a management position when there was lots of better candidates?
The company needed to reduce the gender pay gap so had to do a diversity hire.
by Owen Jones will save humanity February 1, 2021
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