A transgender woman that dates other women. This doesn't make them a straight man with a fetish for dresses. many trans women don't wear dresses and don't act like men. they may or may not have sex like a straight man typically does, but often prefer not to, finding it uncomfortable. there are many people who assume otherwise, and this often affects how hard it is for a trans woman to date.
Sarah is a transgender lesbian, she only dates girls. (trans women go by female pronouns)
by remsaverem December 20, 2011
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Being born a male and being attracted to females but is mentally a female so the person gets a sex change.
Max feels like a transgender lesbian because mentally he feels like a woman and is attracted to women.
by Luna ShadowDragon April 03, 2007
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Someone that is gay while still liking a girl/boy but wants to switch genders so when they ask what is your gender you can say 17 so that they get that you want to have sex on the roof of your house while being recorded with instagram live
Guy1; Hey you gay transgender lesbian
Guy2: ya fku
by milomuhlohamynack October 12, 2017
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Male-presenting transgender lesbians are biological men that usually go by male names, most likely use male pronouns (he/him/his),

wear masculine clothing, behave most likely very manly (may have a beard or two) and are attracted to biological women.

This doesn't mean they are heterosexual men.
Human Resource Manager: So, as you might know we have to fill this position according to our gender quota policy with a woman so it seems there must be a mistake here.

Applicant: Oh no, people get that wrong all the time. I am not a heterosexual male, I am actually a male-presenting transgender lesbian.

So technically speaking I should fulfill all the requirements according to the terms of the quota.
I am perfectly suitable for the position. I actually identify as black and muslim too if that helps!

And don't worry. I won't sue you for just assuming my gender. That wouldn't be good for the work atmosphere.

Human Resource Manager: Oh I am sorry. But just for my own understanding.. biologically speaking you are still a man which

means you have higher work ethics, can't get pregnant and have fewer sick days according to scientific research in comparison to female employees?

Applicant: Yes.

Human Resource Manager: Awesome. You can start tomorrow.
by Gwelwenant September 02, 2017
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