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To make a motion with one's arm, typically the right arm, that looks like scooping up a scoop of ice cream. Typically accompanied by a very corny expression to indicate sarcastic over enthusiasm.

To execute the perfect Dive-Scoop:
1. Make a loose fist, like holding an ice cream scooper

2. Bring it all the way down in an upside down "C" formation

3. Bring it back up, with a bent elbow

4. Deliver the withering corny 50's like smile (it should look a lot like the iconic "How about a nice cup of shut the f*ck up?" picture)
Sure, I'll take out the trash mom, even though it's my little brother's job and he never does it *dive-scoop*

Of course I want to eat dirt *dive-scoop*

Sure, go ahead and take my last piece of gum *dive scoop*

Having a grand old time! *dive scoop*
by Crimson_Belladona May 17, 2010
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