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District3 are the name of three sex gods who go by the names of Micky, Dan and Greg. If they walked around naked all day their 3eeks would be lovin' it, they'd get 3eeky with them anyday.
Dan is the one with the largest tallywacker, just a quick warning to all the Dan girls out there...
Their fans are the hottest fans around and all three of the boys want to bed every single one of them.
District3 > you
District3 are sex on legs.
I love District3, they're all so perf, asdfghjkl.
Micky Parsons is sex.
I want Dan's tallywacker.
Greg West is mine!
by FuckMeMicky December 23, 2012
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A harmony group consisting of three lads; Greg West, Micky Parsons and Dan Ferrari-Lane. The X Factor 2012's finalists, better than Union J with a huge fan base of 3eeks. These boys will destroy your lives with their gorgeous faces!
Have you heard of District 3?

Yeah, their harmonies are so tight! Asdfghjkl;
by 3eekmebaby December 23, 2012
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district 3 is one of many voting districts in tampa florida, district 3 is made up of 6 mile creek, clair mel city, ybor city,semiole hights,and robles park, many people do not know that there is districts in tampa because people dont use districts to devide up the city. unlike new orleans with wards or new york with boroughs
district 3 nigga, CMC nigga,UPT nigga TPA dont play my nigga-from THE GATU keepin it trill records
by mr krunk October 01, 2005
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