A condition brought on by extended periods of waiting in lines or walking around Disney World or similar amusement parks.


Sore feet and joint pains
An unpleasant attitude
Ex 1:
Ronnie: "Let's go to tomorrowland and go on that Buzz Lightyear ride again!"

Jack: "We're in Adventureland, AGH that's so far away and I got them Disney Feet... Carry me..."


4 days and a combined 48 hours at Disney World caused me to experience a great deal of pain running drills at baseball camp the following week
by Umreekan Injun August 25, 2009
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Feet that are so dirty and weird, they're like Goofy's jank ass feet.
Damn, Andrew's got a mad case of Walt Disney feet.
by Nutpucker June 10, 2018
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