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Discala's House orgins in the deep roots of the Cheese Spring area of New Canaan, Connecticut. Known in the past for having insane parties, Discala's house has turned into the Sausage Fest headquarters of lovely New Canaan. At least once every weekend Discala's house has 5 guys drinking in his upstairs attic while looking for either

1. A ride to a sick party(never happens)
2. Some Hot Girls to come over and chill(also rarely happens)
"Yo man what are you doing this weekend"

"I think im gonna hit up Discalas man I heard theres a sick party of there"

"Dude Discala's House is just gonna be 5 dudes chugging some 14 dollar 30-rack looking for girls but it will just end up a sausage fest"

"I know but what else am I gonna do"
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At Discala's, nothing ever, ever happens, ever!!!!!!!!!!!
"Courtney, i know its not halloween, but could you put this bag on your head"-Nick Discala
by David Reed April 03, 2005
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david reeds gay...david reeds gay...david reeds gay steroids boy..he calls discala's house gay because hes never been invited....oo yea big strong reed yea what oo yea u got laid the fuck out by some fag from norwalk in lacrosse ya whats up big man...discala's the man....WHAT!
"man should we invite reed over"
"u think hes got beer"
"nahhh man probaly not"
"ok then fuck that fag no one likes him"
by what! April 06, 2005
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