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What people call Derby, CT. Its the smallest city in Connecticut and it is terrible. Mainly the city just looks dirty and disgusting. It has a west and east side. There's a few ghetto streets with a gang in the west. The east is filled with middle class assholes that are at the same exact level as each other but never get along. There's mainly tiny houses that are two feet away from each other. Your neighbors on the east will stalk you and fucking hate you for no reason at all. They mainly lock themselves in their houses and fucking look out the window at you. They act like they don't know you even though they live literally two feet away. About 60% of the population is elderly assholes that hate you. It's about 60% white assholes and the rest are minorities from ghetto cities like bridgeport. People have no patience and your neighbors will yell and beep at you for no reason at all. They don't even wave or say hi. The taxes are probably the highest in the nation because every business that has every business that opened in Derby failed instantly. The schools are beyond terrible and have some of the lowest grades in the state. At Derby High School there are emos, jocks, and ghetto kids that all hate each other for no reason at all. The kids are fucking retarded and just fucked up all around. Everyone in Derby thinks that they're a fucking Ruler and are better than everyone else when they are really all the same. It's a fucked up place that you should never live in. EVER!
Guy behind other guy on the sidewalk: FUCKING WALK FASTER YOU FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!

Guy in front: Just walking around me.

Guy behind: NO YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!!!!!!!!! I'LL BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS DIRTY DERBY!!!!!!!!!
by Ayipros March 26, 2011
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